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Duke won't derail Borderlands plans

Gearbox committed to its other franchises.

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Image credit: Eurogamer

Gearbox has promised gamers that its plans for Borderlands downloadable content and sequels to other franchises remain intact despite the recent purchase of the Duke Nukem franchise.

At the end of September, a new DLC for Borderlands called Claptrap's New Robot Revolution launches on all platforms. On 12th October the Borderlands Game of the Year Edition will launch.

"We are fully committed to all of our projects," boss Randy Pitchford has told Eurogamer.

"At the Penny Arcade Expo where we first unveiled Duke Nukem Forever to the fans, Gearbox Software hosted a panel where I provided an update regarding all of the projects we are involved with.

"I think it was clear to everyone who attended that panel that Gearbox Software and I are very committed to our games and our brands."

Aside from Borderlands, Gearbox's other main property is the Brothers in Arms series. The last entry in that franchise was Brothers in Arms: Hell's Highway back in September 2008.

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