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Borderlands DLC to add another six hours

Dr. Ned roughly the size of a small zone.

Gearbox has revealed that The Zombie Island of Dr. Ned will be roughly the same size as a small exisiting Borderlands zone and provide around six hours of new gameplay.

"It's probably about the size of the Arid Badlands," design director Paul Helqist told MTV Multiplayer.

The Zombie Island of Dr. Ned is Borderland's first batch of DLC and costs the equivalent of $10 on PlayStation Network and 800 Microsoft Points (£6.80 / €9.60) on Xbox Live.

After buying and installing the content you will be able to fast-travel to Jakobs Cove using a teleporter. But you can get there without a teleporter as well.

Gearbox has designed The Zombie Island of Dr. Ned to cater for all players level 10 and over. Enemies, therefore, scale according to your character's power, which means you'll face as much of a challenge at 20 as you will at 50. Plus, each time you return the island's inhabitants will scale again.

While there is (obviously) loot to collect, The Zombie Island of Dr. Ned plays more heavily on location and plot. Most of the enemies you'll encounter are new or variations of existing baddies, and you'll find the eponymous zombies much harder to blow apart - they'll appear in larger quantities too.

Helqist said there's a monster called a Loot Goon that carries an enormous treasure chest on his back that can be plundered should you be able to fell the beast. "We have some fun surprises with Clap Trap, as well," he added.

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