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Warrior Epic to GOA bye bye

Servers turned off before Xmas.

European MMO publisher GOA has "with great regret" decided to pull the plug on Warrior Epic.

There aren't enough people playing so European service will be terminated on 21st December. US servers, on the other hand, will remain open.

Warrior Epic launched in May and was designed to be at the "cutting-edge" of free-to-play MMOs. In reality the game was unfinished and unforgiving - fatal errors in the cut-throat MMO genre.

"Unfortunately, despite major efforts by the development team to improve Warrior Epic since its launch, the game hasn't achieved the player population we had hoped for," said GOA in a statement.

Resources will instead be spent on Warhammer Online, League of Legends and Pangya.

Those Warrior Epic players affected will receive "a personal email containing a loyalty package" to thank you for taking part.