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Resi Evil 5's Desperate Escape detailed

Groggy Jill and Josh leg it out of Tricell.

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Capcom has announced details of the second downloadable episode for Resident Evil 5, Desperate Escape.

Due out on 3rd March for Xbox Live and 4th March on PSN, Desperate Escape sees BSAA agent Josh Stone help a groggy Jill Valentine escape from the Tricell facility.

Jill is knackered after a spell in a mind control device, but together the duo will make it out under cover of darkness, albeit not enough cover to evade predictably unrelenting waves of enemies.

Their ultimate goal is to help Chris Redfield and Sheva Alomar in their final battle with naughty Albert Wesker.

Alongside Desperate Escape, Capcom plans to release a second Costume Pack, providing a Heavy Metal outfit for Chris and a Business suit for Sheva.

These varieties, and Josh Stone, and the previous costume pack efforts (Warrior for Chris, Fairy Tale for Sheva), will then all work in the Mercenaries Reunion mode, which will also benefit from their diverse loadouts.

So, just to recap, the first episode, Lost in Nightmares, is due out along with Costume Pack 1 on 17th February for 360 and 18th February for PS3.

Desperate Escape follows, along with Costume Pack 2, on 3rd March for Xbox 360 owners and on 4th March for PS3.

And if you don't even have the original game yet, you can pick up Resident Evil 5: Gold Edition for PS3 and Xbox 360 on 12th March in Europe. PS3 owners get a Blu-ray with everything on one disc, while 360 owners get the original game along with a download token for grabbing the add-ons.

Check out our original Resident Evil 5 review to find out whether that will appeal.

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