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Play Age of Conan free forever

New 20-level trial lasts indefinitely.

In a fresh bid to ensnare players, Funcom's revealed a new 20-level free trial for Age of Conan that lasts forever.

Anyone downloading and playing the special trial client between now and 1st January 2010 will be given unrestricted access to the first part of the MMO, the Island of Tortage. Numerous characters can be created and both PvE and PvP content explored.

You'll only be asked to upgrade to a full, subscribed account upon deciding to venture away from the Island of Tortage and beyond level 20. Funcom hopes you'll enjoy the "sexy and brutal" world.

This is the latest move by an aggressive Funcom to entice new players. Earlier this year, bulk subscription costs were slashed and Veteran Points introduced to reward, on a monthly basis, anyone who takes the monetary plunge.

The MMO has also undergone significant content changes during 2009 and is preparing for a meaty Rise of the Godslayer expansion sometime next year, presumably - no date has been given.

Our Age of Conan gamepage below has all the info.

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