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Age of Conan film content pack arrives

The Savage Coast of Turan.

The Savage Coast of Turan adventure pack is now available to all Age of Conan players.

This is the content that ties into the new Conan the Barbarian film.

The Savage Coast of Turan costs 1300 Funcom points (just over $10), and brings content for characters level 50 all the way up to 80.

Specifically (via the AOC forum):

Coast of Ardashir - New level 50 to 55 playfield

The city of Ardashir and the area around it, including parts of the coast of the Vilayet Sea, offers players of level 50 to 55 a brand new outdoor playfield with more than fifty new quests and hours and hours of great new content and adventure. From here, players also get access to the new solo, group and raid instances included in "The Savage Coast of Turan" Adventure Pack.

Players can travel to the Savage Coast of Turan by talking to NPC Tali who can be found in the streets of Khemi.

Dead Man's Hand - New level 50 to 80 solo instance

This dynamic solo instance scales to the level of the player (between 50 and 80) and offers a quest line which ties into parts of the greater storyline that players will discover in and around the city of Ardashir.

Besides the main quest on this island there are also many related quests than players can choose to take on, providing additional hours of adventure and a chance to explore this massive island that the pirates of the Red Brotherhood call their home.

To start the main questline for "Dead Man's Hand" speak to the pirate Artus in Ardashir after you have finished the quests that follow when you witness a Kozai attack at the gates of Ardashir.

Isle of Iron Statues - New level 80 solo instance

This level 80 solo instance is tied to the original story "Shadows in the Moonlight" from Robert E. Howard. Conan himself once visited this deserted island located in the Vilayet Sea only to encounter ancient horrors and a beast that would have killed any lesser man. Players now get the chance to pay that same island a visit...if they dare.

To start your adventure on the "Isle of Iron Statues" talk to the Curator of Erlik at the Temple of Erlik.

Fort Ardashir - New level 80 group instance

Fort Ardashir with its ornate pillars, domes and walls offers an imposing view, standing over the city of Ardashir and dominating the right side of the bay that leads out into the Vilayet Sea beyond. What secrets do the massive walls hide? Has the conspiracy that is spoken about in whispers in the taverns of Ardashir originated from within the heavily guarded castle? This question is probably never answered as who could be foolish enough to enter the fort unbidden and try to get past the soldiers and war beasts that guard the castle and the caverns beneath.

This brand new instance offers a challenge for a group of level 80 players with a focus on interesting boss encounters set in a stunning, varied location. The level of difficulty can be compared to the most challenging Khitai group instances.

Temple of Erlik - New level 80 raid instance

This temple, built with gold and marble, pays tribute to Erlik, the supreme deity of Hyrkania. Erlik is a god of death and necromancy and his followers are said to be well versed in the black arts. What the priests of Erlik are plotting no one can say as they perform their rituals behind the golden doors of the temple. But some say that it is an ancient evil the priests might seek to awaken and the screams that can be heard from the temple at night might be those of unfortunate, innocent victims - slaughtered in bloody rites in the name of Erlik.

This new level 80 raid instance contains no less than three new bosses and countless enemies and offers a challenge only a little bit below that of the Tier four raids.