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Funcom announces Conan multiplayer open-world survival game

Sacrifice other players on altars, ooh.

Funcom is making an open-world multiplayer survival Conan game. It's called Conan Exiles and it's coming to Early Access on PC this summer, then PC and consoles in full after that.

You play an exile in an arid land and need to hunt, or grow crops, for food. You need to build a shelter to live in, and make tools and weapons to fight monsters and other players with. Or you can work together and build entire settlements and strongholds, which sounds interesting - imagine the politics!

A screenshot of Conan Exiles from pre-alpha. There is a hippopotamus in this picture oh yes there is.

The gods of Conan's world will have an influence and you can sacrifice other players on altars to them, brilliantly. Combat will be bloody and fast paced, apparently.

Conan Exiles is primarily a multiplayer game, with both private and public servers to be available, but there will also be a single-player mode.

Another screenshot of Conan Exiles from pre-alpha. Looks a bit dry. Mental note: craft a watering can.

All of which sounds interesting, but is it a bit late? The PC open-world survival scene is saturated and has been since DayZ, with Ark: Survival Evolved dominating at the moment. Ark is also now on Xbox One.

Whether or not there's any space for Conan Exiles remains to be seen, as does whether it actually materialises on console. Age of Conan never made it, after all, and even the best laid plans tend to warp with an Early Access release.

But Funcom knows online multiplayer games, although has been fruitlessly searching for a hit for years - missing with Age of Conan, The Secret World, and Lego Minifigures Online. It has meant tightened belts and a slimmer operation in recent years. Funcom even announced a single-player game recently, called The Park. It's a horror game and it's coming to PS4 and Xbox One in Q1 2016.

I'll probably stick to Centre Parcs.Watch on YouTube

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