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Funcom releases art for its next-gen multiplayer open-world survival Dune game

Shifting sands.

Funcom has released some art for its next-gen multiplayer open-world survival Dune game.

In a call for staff applications to various open roles on the project, Funcom released two pieces of artwork that give us our first sense of the vibe this new Dune game is going for.

There's also an additional piece of art, showing a man, maker hook in hand, presumably about to pounce upon a sand worm.

Funcom has confirmed this new Dune game is set on the desert planet of Arrakis, but that's about it.

"Frank Herbert's timeless sci-fi masterpiece and the 2021 Oscar-winning movie adaptation have inspired whole generations with the Dune universe, and we are no exception. It is the perfect setting for the multiplayer open world survival genre," Funcom writes on its website.

"Since the '90s, Funcom has honed its craft creating unforgettable experiences in captivating universes and delivering lasting success with games like Conan Exiles. Having built a team of experienced developers from across over 30 nationalities, we now seek new voices to add to our most ambitious project yet, set on Arrakis.

"Do you want to be a part of our next-gen open world survival game? We invite you to come shape a world made boundless by its deep lore and enduring themes. Join us as we build a Dune for all fans to realise the dream of traversing its ever-shifting landscape, sand under fingernails and spice in the air."

Dune: Spice Wars - Early Access launch trailer.

The reference to Conan Exiles is important - with this push for the Dune survival game, some players of Conan Exiles have wondered if their game will be left behind.

"Not at all!" Funcom tweeted. "We have different teams working on both games. We also have a lot of planned updates and content coming to Conan Exiles."

The Funcom-published Dune: Spice Wars hit Steam in early access for last month. There's no release window for the Dune survival game yet.

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