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MAG open beta in January

Slay another day.

Sony has announced plans to run an open MAG beta at the start of next year.

The free-to-everyone test for the huge multiplayer shooter kicks off on 4th January and runs until 8am GMT on the 10th.

Anyone taking part will be able to get stuck into the 64-player Sabotage mode and the 256-player Domination one.

MAG divides gamers into eight-player squads, four of which form a platoon, with four platoons forming a company. Players with more experience (and maths skills, presumably) are given leadership roles within the group, and battles are fought on a vast scale between companies representing each of the game's three factions.

They are the low-fi hardcore soldier types of the Seryi Volk Executive Response (SVER - pronounced "Sever"), the high-tech Raven Industries, and the less colourful Valor Company who are outfitted with standard kit.

Once the beta begins on the 4th, players will have to download a 298MB file from PSN, then a 38MB patch, then between 1.8 and 2.3 GB of game data depending on region.

Anyone involved in one of the old closed beta trials will be able to download the update from 1pm today rather than downloading the whole thing again, although servers won't be operational until 4th January.

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