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Game to sell digital PS3 titles and DLC

UPDATE: info on pricing, code retrieval.

Update: Game has offered Eurogamer an insight into pricing and how you'll receive the digital PS3 content.

Pricing depends on title. "Every product is individually displayed and marketed with a specific price point," a spokesperson for Game told us.

For example, the God of War Collection will cost £24.99, whereas the Killzone 3 Steel Rain Map pack will cost £3.99.

When you buy the content you'll receive a 12-digit code on either your receipt or via email or SMS text. It's this code you redeem online on PS3.

Original story: Game has signed a deal with Sony Europe to sell downloadable PS3 games, game add-ons and PS Plus subscriptions.

A cluster of 42 Game and Gamestation shops will begin selling Sony's digital PSN content from today.

By mid-September, Game expects all 620 UK stores (Game and Gamestation) to offer the "full range" of over 50 PS3 games.

To begin with, the games will be limited to Sony's first-party output. Games mentioned are MAG, God of War Collection and WipEout Fury. Game add-ons mentioned are the Killzone Steel Rain Map pack and the Uncharted 2 Siege Expansion pack.

In time, the selection will expand to third-party games.

Game noted that this deal sees it become "Europe's biggest retailer of digital games". The PSN digital content Game said will "eventually be extended to Europe".

The God of War Collection - buy it in a real shop!

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