MAG (Massive Action Game)


Sony signals end to SOCOM, MAG online support

Half a year of online play left.

Sony quiet on SOCOM dev closure rumour

UPDATE: Sony confirms Zipper Interactive has been shut down.

Game to sell digital PS3 titles and DLC

UPDATE: info on pricing, code retrieval.

Sony details mid-June PSN Plus offers

Braid cheap, MAG, SOCOM maps free.

Sony signals end to SOCOM, MAG online support

Half a year of online play left.

Sony quiet on SOCOM dev closure rumour

UPDATE: Sony confirms Zipper Interactive has been shut down.

Game to sell digital PS3 titles and DLC

UPDATE: info on pricing, code retrieval.

Sony details mid-June PSN Plus offers

Braid cheap, MAG, SOCOM maps free.

Lay-offs at SOCOM/MAG studio

33 staff reported redundant at Zipper.

Sony offers MAG for free download

Yes, there's a catch...

New MAG update inbound

Adds smart new Multiqueue feature.

MAG dev hits back at doom merchants

"Among the most played online PS3 games."

Fresh MAG DLC announced

New ways to blow stuff up.

Massive MAG 2.0 patch goes live

Move support, new economy, more levels.

Massive MAG update incoming

Move support, new credits system and more.

Shank and MotorStorm 3D in PSN update

Plus MAG "Persistent Beta" and more.

MAG patch coming

New lighting effects!

MAG Interdiction pack this month

New game mode, three new maps.

Video | MAG Interdiction pack out this month

128-player game mode, three new maps.

Free MAG add-on next week

Sniper Rifles! Light Armour!

First MAG DLC free next Thursday

"It's just the beginning," says Zipper.

MAG receives "dramatic" update

Zipper revamps from cover to cover.

UK chart: Mass Effect 2 takes lead

MAG features, Tatsunoko bombs.

Review | MAG

Size matters.

Video | The EGTV Show: MAG 256 Special

Eurogamer vs. IGN. What did you do in the war, daddy?


Army of Two-Fifty-Six.

Feature | MAG tournament invites going out

Have you been drafted? Find out.

MAG clips onto solid UK date

Plus: Eurogamer needs you!

Register for massive MAG tournament

Free special edition copy if you play.


Safety in numbers?

Feature | Mighty MAG tournament detailed

Fight our enemies! Date, venue, more.

Sony tackling MAG beta troubles

Offers advice on connection errors.

MAG open beta in January

Slay another day.

Digital Foundry | The MAG Factor

The tech challenges behind the first 256-player console action game.

MAG PS3 beta sign-ups open now

Sony's online shooter needs testing.


Zipper's massive PS3 exclusive.

MAG to unload in January

Giant multiplayer PS3 game draws nearer.


256 player assault FPS.


The future of the multiplayer shooter?


Showing a few of those 256 players.

MAG set for spring 2009

PS3 exclusive with huge online battles.

Ratchet Booty coming to Blu-ray

Plus PAL details for all SCEA reveals.

Sony unveils PS3-exclusive MAG

Online battles for 256 players.