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New MAG update inbound

Adds smart new Multiqueue feature.

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Online PlayStation 3 shooter MAG is about to get yet another update, but this time new features are promised alongside bug fixes.

The biggest new addition is a Mulitqueue feature that replaces the old Directives deploy option, giving players the opportunity to queue up for any or all game modes at the same time.

According to a post on the game's official site, "This allows users to jump into the action quickly without forcing them into gametypes they don't want to play. All you have to do is uncheck the modes you're not interested in playing and the Multiqueue will take care of the rest.

"As an added bonus, we've also equipped the Multiqueue with a stackable XP reward that grows in its payout depending on how many modes you're willing to play! In short, we think you're going to like Multiqueue quite a bit."

The v2.10 update, which goes live today, also adds in the option to take your own 720p in-game screenshots.

Here's the full list of tweaks, additions and fixes:

Gameplay (General)

  • Implemented "Multiqueue" functionality to allow users to queue up for multiple game modes simultaneously
  • Added "Multiqueue" XP bonus modifier that increases as more modes are selected
  • Increased XP to CP-earned ratio to 1.5 CP for every 1 XP
  • Reduced price of Medical Kits to 500 CP from 800 CP
  • Teammates can no longer prevent you from repairing vehicles and objectives when in your line of sight
  • Shortened cooldown times between leadership FRAGOs to 2 seconds from 10 seconds
  • Added "friendly fire" modifier so that allies never receive more than 50% damage when hit by a friendly vehicle
  • Improved item-swap speed

Gameplay (Skills)

  • Decreased effectiveness of "Marksman Recoil Stability" and "Marksman Steady Aim" skills
  • Improved effectiveness of First Aid Kit and Medical Kit skills, "Self Heal Speed" and "Heal Recharge Rate"
  • Increased effectiveness of "Improved Smoke Screen Rate" skill


  • Slightly widened knife-swing arc


  • Enemy vehicles now show damage bar when "attacking" them with a repair kit
  • Slight presentational modifications to the "Character B" and "Character C slots"
  • Correct text now displays in the Armory when viewing the SVER Hazard helmet

Audio/ Visual

  • Acquisition Escort vehicles now have unique models for each faction
  • Improved mine-laying animation


  • Removed "Directives" button from the "Deploy" menu
  • Added "Multiqueue" button to the "Deploy" menu and sidebar areas
  • Added feature that allows users to take in-game screenshots via XMB Photo menu (1280×720)
  • Reduced chances of being randomly dropped from a "Clan Deploy" game
  • Fixed an assortment of menu-related lock-ups
  • "Clan Deploy" performance updates
  • Minor server performance enhancements
  • Fixed typo in "Chest Candy" trophy
  • Various localization updates

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