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MAG dev hits back at doom merchants

"Among the most played online PS3 games."

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Zipper Interactive has insisted large scale first-person shooter MAG is one of the most played online PlayStation 3 games amid accusations that hardly anyone's playing it.

A user on the game's official forum (thanks, VG247), dvdpfstr, said: "Look at the numbers of players on MAG for the last week. It would seem to me the writing is on the wall. Socom Confrontation has more players still and that is a game that people have complained about incessantly since its release. It really is sad too, MAG had so much potential only to get worse the longer it was out."

The comment sparked a response from senior community manager Jeremy Dunham, who hit back at dvdpfstr's accusation.

"This is incorrect," he said. "MAG has more concurrent players than SOCOM Confrontation worldwide on a daily, weekly, and monthly basis. This has been true for every month since MAG's release on January 26.

"Obviously we don't hit the same numbers we had in our first few months in terms of concurrent and daily users, but we're still amongst the most played online PS3 games out there."

Eurogamer reviewed MAG in January, awarding the ambitious shooter 7/10.

Zipper's supported the game since then with a raft of downloadable content. Last month a massive patch, called MAG 2.0, was released.

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