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Sony details mid-June PSN Plus offers

Braid cheap, MAG, SOCOM maps free.

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Sony has revealed its latest round of PlayStation Plus deals, which go live later today.

All members are eligible for the offers, including those using the Welcome Back offer's free subscription.

What do you get? Sony's EU PlayStation blog lists extra maps for SOCOM: Special Forces and MAG are available at 100 per cent discount - completely free.

Critically loved indie platformer Braid gets a 75 per cent discount, down to two quid from £7.99.

Already running offers include Burnout Paradise completely free, and a well-worth-it 20 per cent discount on stellar Ubisoft adventure Beyond Good & Evil HD. There's also a free demo available.

Mid-June PSN Plus offers

  • SOCOM: Special Forces - Abandoned Map – 100% discount
  • SOCOM: Special Forces - SU90-Shotgun 100% discount
  • MAG Interdiction map pack – 100% discount
  • Braid (PSN game) – 75% discount
  • Young Thor (mini) – 75% discount

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