Beyond Good & Evil HD


Beyond Good & Evil 2 characters, ships, story detailed

"Who is Jade? She's very mysterious."

Beyond Good & Evil 2 reveals awe-inspiring in-engine demo

Michel Ancel's space odyssey takes us from simians to the stars.

Beyond Good & Evil 2 lets you create your own character

Sounds like No Man's Sky meets Breath of the Wild.

Michel Ancel doesn't think BG&E 2 is a Switch exclusive, and he would know

Says platform listings on official site are "a little buggy".

Beyond Good & Evil 2 finally resurfaces, gets a full CGI trailer

It's a prequel, set before Jade was born, featuring co-op.

Beyond Good & Evil 2 won't be at E3

"Sometime this year, you should hear about it!"

Beyond Good & Evil 2 is almost definitely in development

UPDATE: Ubisoft confirms. It's finally happening!

Feature | 13 years ago I was held at gunpoint, kidnapped and shoved into the boot of my car

What Beyond Good & Evil developer Francesco Cavallari did next - then and now.

Beyond Good & Evil developer has an incredible story to tell

Meanwhile, Michel Ancel still working on BG&E2.

Beyond Good & Evil 2 development delayed by Rayman

Creator needs an extra pair of hands.

Beyond Good & Evil HD gets disc-based release date

Xbox Live Arcade compilation also includes From Dust, Outland.

Beyond Good & Evil 2 in "active creation"

Ubisoft can't commit to 2013 launch, claims it "needs more tech".

From Dust/Beyond Good and Evil/Outland triple pack spotted

Trio of Ubisoft downloadables getting disc release.

EU PlayStation Store update - 16th November

Call of Duty: Black Ops for 48.

Rayman Origins sales will help Beyond Good & Evil 2

Success will Pey'j wages at Ancel studio.

EU PlayStation Store update 21st Sept

Resi 4, Rezurrection, Driver for 57.99.

Sony details mid-June PSN Plus offers

Braid cheap, MAG, SOCOM maps free.

EU PlayStation Store update 8th June

BG&E HD at nearly twice Xbox price.

Ubisoft: I Am Alive and BG&E2 safe

Terminated projects were unannounced.

Beyond Good & Evil HD on PSN in May

Buy it at launch, get free stuff.

Video | Beyond Good & Evil HD launch trailer

On XBLA now for just 800 Points.

Ubisoft feels "guilty" for BG&E flop

HD revamp not a "quick and dirty port".

"Keep the faith" for Beyond Good & Evil 2

Ubisoft discusses sequel status.

Video | Microsoft trail XBLA House Party titles

BG&E! Torchlight! Hard Corps! Full House!

Beyond Good and Evil HD

The Hillys are alive.

Beyond Good & Evil HD, Torchlight dated

Full XBLA House Party schedule goes live.

Beyond Good & Evil for XBLA House Party

Plus: Torchlight, Hard Corps Rising, more.