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"It's a little bit hard to work out without knowing the altitude of that dragon..."

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Your free August Xbox Live Games with Gold are...

Cena decent bunch here.

The free games for Xbox Live Gold members in August have been revealed - two on Xbox 360 and two on Xbox One. And the Xbox 360 games you can play on Xbox One via backwards compatibility.

The Xbox One games are WWE 2K16 and Warriors Orochi 3 Ultimate, and the Xbox 360 games Spelunky and Beyond Good & Evil HD.

WWE 2K16, released autumn last year, is arguably the pick of the bunch. It's the newest big release and was a return to form for the series. Our review called WWE 2K16 "the best wrestling game in years". WWE 2K16 will be available from 16th August to 15th September.

Warriors Orochi 3 Ultimate is less well known. It's a new-gen port of Warriors Orochi 3, a one-fighter-versus-armies tactical combat game - and it was actually pretty good. "It's newcomers who should really consider giving this a try," we wrote in our Warriors Orochi 3 review. "Carve your way through the crude visuals, archaic menus and seemingly inexplicable features and you may just find your new favourite game." Warriors Orochi 3 Ultimate is free all August.

The Banner Saga 2 is still available in July's Games with Gold.Watch on YouTube

Spelunky on Xbox 360, meanwhile, should need no introduction. We love Spelunky so much we labelled it one of our Games of the Generation. Spelunky is free from 1st-15th August.

Beyond Good & Evil is a classic, too, although even the HD remaster is five years old these days. But now it's free this line in our Beyond Good & Evil HD review is even more pertinent: "If, like me, you let this one pass you by, there's no excuse not to rectify that mistake now." Beyond Good & Evil HD is free from 16th-31st August.

The still-available July Games with Gold are The Banner Saga 2, which is new, and good, and Tron: Evolution.