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Beyond Good & Evil 2 won't be at E3

"Sometime this year, you should hear about it!"

Beyond Good & Evil creator Michel Ancel has confirmed that the long-anticipated Beyond Good & Evil 2 won't be at this year's E3 in June.

The good news is that it's on track for an official reveal sometime this year.

"Not sure that E3 would be the best place to showcase Bg&e2," Ancel said on his Instagram.

"But we're working on the game so sometime this year, you should hear about it!" he added.

Word on Beyond Good & Evil 2 has been pretty quiet for the past several months, though Ubisoft did confirm that the game was in development last October.

Besides Beyond Good & Evil 2, Ancel is working on his PS4-exclusive open-world survival game Wild, at his new studio Wild Sheep. It turns out he's dividing his time 50-50 between Ubisoft and this independent side-project.

Aside from Beyond Good & Evil, Ancel is best known as the creator of Rayman, and, to a lesser extent, the Rabbid critters that spun off from that franchise. We know we'll be getting more of those as the bewildering Nintendo crossover Mario + Rabbids Kingdom Battle recently leaked.

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