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Michel Ancel doesn't think BG&E 2 is a Switch exclusive, and he would know

Says platform listings on official site are "a little buggy".

A common rumour that Beyond Good & Evil 2 would be a Switch exclusive was effectively quashed today, as series creator Michel Ancel took to Instagram to say the much anticipated prequel is "no Switch exclusive as far as I know."

Given that he's the creative director on the game, it seems like he would know.

The game's official website asked people to sign up for their platform of choice with the options being PS4, Xbox One and PC, but Ancel claimed that the site was "a little buggy" and that these choices may not represent the game's final platforms.

"That registering thing is a little buggy as we did not mention any consoles yet," Ancel said. "The Ubi Soft teams are going to fix this asap."

Indeed that part of the site now gets a "404" error, so something is being done to it.

Elsewhere in the comments thread, Ancel confirmed that photographing wildlife - a fun side-objective in the first Beyond Good & Evil - would return in this prequel.

"Everything is seamless and open. That's an incredible technical achievement. Photography is gonna be key," he said.

Ancel also noted that "the game is [in] third person view with fps view to look around and.... take pictures!"

Beyond Good & Evil 2 will be set before the birth of Jade, the heroine from the first game. Little is known about the prequel's gameplay, but Ancel has previously confirmed that it will have online co-op.

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