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15 years later, more Beyond Good & Evil 2 footage surfaces

Front Pey'j news.

Pey'j and Double H talk in a bar, in a scene from Beyond Good & Evil 2.
Image credit: Damien Barranco / Ubisoft

While we wait (and wait) for Ubisoft to show more of Beyond Good & Evil 2, early footage from the project has surfaced from back in 2008.

Yes, 2008. We've really been waiting a while.

This is the version of Beyond Good & Evil we've seen in other clips released or leaked over the years, and which Ubisoft released an early trailer for (showing main character Jade and Uncle Pey'j in a car out in the desert).

A later version of Beyond Good & Evil 2, showcased at E3 2018.Watch on YouTube

A fresh snippet of video has now surfaced from the design portfolio of animator Damien Barranco, a Ubisoft staff member at the time who also worked on the first Beyond Good & Evil, Rayman 2 and Ubisoft's King Kong tie-tin.

(Brilliantly, IMDB suggsts Barranco also worked on the classic animated children's BBC series The Animals of Farthing Wood as well - so clearly knows his talking animals.)

The footage was shared on X, formerly Twitter, last night. It's our first proper look at Beyond Good & Evil's third main character, Double H, in the sequel.

The snippet appears to show Double H and Pey'J drinking in a bar, with the pig telling a bawdy joke. My French (particularly spoken by a drunk pig) is a little rusty, but if you're able to work out exactly what he's saying about the mademoiselle in question, do pop it in the comments below.

Last month, the internet spotted a 20th anniversary edition of the original Beyond Good & Evil listed for release in the US - though Ubisoft is yet to officially announce the package, or detail exactly what it might contain.

Work on a sequel has continued, off and on, ever since the original game's release in 2003. Beyond Good & Evil 2 remains listed on Ubisoft's release schedule, though it has been some time since we've received a concrete update.

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