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Beyond Good & Evil 2 in-engine footage leaks

Get your Peepers on this.

More footage from Ubisoft's Beyond Good & Evil 2 has leaked, this time courtesy of Unseen64.

Nearly two minutes of newly-uncovered in-engine footage tour a dusty urban street and venture inside some of the residences.

It's the latest leak from the project that was put on hold in 2009. All material released from Beyond Good & Evil 2 thus far apparently dates from before that period.

Beyond Good & Evil creator and Rayman mastermind Michel Ancel has frequently stated the project is still in development, although the extent of this remains unclear.

Unseen64's page also features a gallery of in-game screenshots and all the other videos uncovered to date, including Ubisoft's first and only official teaser for the game, showing off series stars Jade and her porcine uncle Pey'j.

Watch the freshly-discovered footage below:

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Beyond Good & Evil 2

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