VideoSOCOM 4 behind the scenes video

Zipper tells all about title's tech.

SOCOM: Special Forces

Welcome to the jungle.

VideoSOCOM 4 trailer reveals campaign story

Zipper talks story authenticity.

Key events

New SOCOM 4 DLC announced

New SOCOM 4 DLC announced

Demolition Mode returns.

PlayStation 3 tactical shooter SOCOM: Special Forces gets a free DLC pack this week, Sony has announced via the PlayStation Blog.

The add-on brings back the franchise's Demolition Mode, which sees teams vying for control of a bomb which they can use to destroy the opposition's HQ.

The pack includes four new maps, two of which - Bitter Jungle and Ruins - return from previous SOCOM games. They'll also support many of the existing multiplayer modes, while six of the original retail maps will also support Demolition Mode.

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Sony details mid-June PSN Plus offers

Sony details mid-June PSN Plus offers

Braid cheap, MAG, SOCOM maps free.

Sony has revealed its latest round of PlayStation Plus deals, which go live later today.

All members are eligible for the offers, including those using the Welcome Back offer's free subscription.

What do you get? Sony's EU PlayStation blog lists extra maps for SOCOM: Special Forces and MAG are available at 100 per cent discount - completely free.

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Buy used SOCOM 4, pay for MP extras

Zipper follows EA's Project $10 lead.

US gamers who pick up a pre-owned copy of forthcoming PlayStation 3 shooter SOCOM 4 will have to pay an extra fee to access all of the game's multiplayer content, developer Zipper Interactive has revealed.

SOCOM: Special Forces

SOCOM: Special Forces

Welcome to the jungle.

Despite selling about 12 million copies over its decade-long history, nobody in the real world has ever heard of SOCOM. In fact, we'd hazard a guess that great swathes of those who've played the series don't even know what it stands for.

Neither do we. It doesn't matter. All you need to know is that it's a third-person tactical shooter with a chequered past, and Special Forces arguably represents its stab at the big time. It's immediately clear that the developers are going for the full Hollywood effect, as you've barely learnt the controls when the game's first exploding helicopter lands at your feet.

For reasons explained by earnest cut-scenes and interminable briefings from what appears to be Lorraine Kelly, you're somewhere in South East Asia, and there's a war going on, ostensibly against "farmers with shotguns". You (primarily) play Cullen Gray, a middle-class buffoon with more than a whiff of rugger and a yard-of-ale about him. As such, he's the leader of a pair of two-person units, and you can tell he's in charge as the rest of the squad are either Northern, non-white or female.

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EU PlayStation Store Update 6th April

The PlayStation Store has been redesigned. A bit.

There are new sections you'll notice when you tootle down the virtual aisles today. There's a top-level Demos category; a Franchises section to group all content by, say, Call of Duty; a Charts section for the most popular forms of all Store content; easier to find Themes and Avatars; and a more organised PlayStation Plus area.

Those changes are presented with a new cosmetic flourish.

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SOCOM 4 Special Forces release date

SOCOM 4 Special Forces release date

PlayStation 3 exclusive hits next month.

Move-enabled PlayStation 3 exclusive SOCOM Special Forces launches in the UK and Ireland on 22nd April, Sony has announced.

It hits mainland Europe on 20th April and Australia and New Zealand on 21st April.

A beta is "incoming", PlayStation Blog Manager James Gallagher tweeted this morning.

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SOCOM 4 trophies detailed

Signed, SEALed, delivered.

The full list of trophies for Zipper Interactive's cap-heavy PlayStation 3 shooter SOCOM 4: US Navy SEALs is out in the open.

PS Plus members get SOCOM beta access

PS Plus members get SOCOM beta access

While US gamers need to buy Killzone 3.

PlayStation Plus members will get automatic access to the impending SOCOM 4 beta, Sony has announced.

The news came courtesy of the EU PlayStation Blog's Twitter feed, although no firm start date was revealed.

Things will work slightly differently in the US however. There, anyone picking up a specially-labeled copy of Killzone 3 when it launches next month can expect to find a code within granting them access to the beta.

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PlayStation Move: SOCOM 4

The series' producer speaks.

As it states in the Geneva Convention, probably, you can't put a motion controller on shop shelves without at least 487 mini-game compilations to sit next to it. So it was with the Wii, and so it shall be when PlayStation Move and Project Natal launch later this year.

PlayStation Move

We only played everything.

At last, Sony's new motion controller has a name. And it's not Arc or Gem, as you'll know if you read our live text blog or the rumours floating around the internet before the press conference even kicked off. As soon as it was over the audience flocked to the room next door, where Sony had set up 30 demo stations to show off the first batch of PlayStation Move games.


Supports PS Move all the way through.

Supports PS Move all the way through.

Sony announces SOCOM 4

Sony announces SOCOM 4

Zipper "re-envisioning" series on PS3.

This week's "surprise Sony sequel" reveal has turned out to be SOCOM 4.

Zipper, developer of MAG and all other SOCOM games, will create - shifting the focus to South East Asia.

"Your mission is to step into the well-worn boots of the Ops Com, a NATO Operations Commander of an elite, five-man squad. You must venture deep into inhospitable jungles, city streets and crumbling urban ruins to engage an army of rebel fighters and discover their plans," read the story description on the European PlayStation blog.

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