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New SOCOM 4 DLC announced

Demolition Mode returns.

PlayStation 3 tactical shooter SOCOM: Special Forces gets a free DLC pack this week, Sony has announced via the PlayStation Blog.

The add-on brings back the franchise's Demolition Mode, which sees teams vying for control of a bomb which they can use to destroy the opposition's HQ.

The pack includes four new maps, two of which - Bitter Jungle and Ruins - return from previous SOCOM games. They'll also support many of the existing multiplayer modes, while six of the original retail maps will also support Demolition Mode.

There's two new weapons - the HS-C3 and 552 - and six new multiplayer skins too.

To celebrate the release, you can claim double XP in the game's multiplayer modes for the next week.

And that's not all. The Evac Co-Op pack arrives early next month priced at €4.99. It introduces a new co-op mode that sees players caught behind enemy lines. You'll have to fight your way to an evacuation point and then defend the spot until a pick-up vehicle arrives.

The new mode will work across all six original cooperative missions as well as the new Onslaught stage included in the download.

The pack comes with an additional six multiplayer skins and two extra weapons - the AM50 and M82A1A.