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Sony offers MAG for free download

Yes, there's a catch...

Sony has announced on an unconventional way of celebrating the spirit of Christmas this week: it's letting PlayStation 3 users shoot each other in the head for free, courtesy of complimentary access to online shooter MAG.

According to the PlayStation Blog, as of tomorrow PlayStation Plus members can download the full game for no charge from the PlayStation Store.

You can play any game mode as desired but won't be able to advance your character above level 8. However, all XP you earn after that is stored and added to your profile once you pay for the game.

The full download, which is available to non-members, will set you back $29.99 and come "complete with all the bells and whistles found in our patches up to v2.10."

The Zipper Interactive-developed FPS first launched back in January, winning a 7/10 from Eurogamer's Simon Parkin.

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