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Fresh MAG DLC announced

New ways to blow stuff up.

Fresh from going live with a comprehensive patch earlier this month, more new DLC has been announced for MAG.

Developer Zipper Interactive has lifted the lid on the Escalation pack, which brings new maps, game modes and weapons to the PlayStation 3 multiplayer FPS.

The new Escalation mode supports up to 96 players, or one 32-man platoon for each PMC, and pits Raven, SVER, and Valor against each other at the same time. The first PMC to score the pre-designated number of points before the timer runs down wins.

The DLC pack comes with three new maps: the volcanic beaches of Isla de Magma, the mountainous Silverback Ridge, and the desert wasteland of Radiant Barrens. There are nine new weapons to get your hands on too.

Sony's European PlayStation blog has a comprehensive breakdown of everything the new content has to offer.

The Escalation pack will be available on 3rd November priced £6.29 / €7.99.