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Extra MAG character slots for 99 cents

Available from today.

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Zipper Interactive has updated multiplayer shooter MAG so that it's possible to subscribe to two additional character slots for $0.99 each.

For that fee "players can select the extra character they want to unlock and create a brand new persona", according to the developer (thanks VG247).

"These supplementary character subscriptions will last for 30 days from the day they've been purchased, but don't fret if you decide not to renew one or both of them immediately. Once your extra characters have been created, they reside safely dormant on the MAG server until activated for subscription once again."

Apparently the slots should be made available as part of today's regular PlayStation Store update, although it's not immediately clear if that refers to Europe too. Last week saw the introduction of the MAG "Persistent Beta" client, which allows players to test out unreleased features on beta servers before they're rolled out into the full game.

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