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Dante's Inferno demo out this month

Will be released on PSN and Xbox Live.

Electronic Arts has announced a playable demo is on the way for action adventure extravaganza Dante's Inferno.

It will be available for download via PlayStation Network and Xbox Live on 24th December.

The demo, titled 'Gates of Hell', features the entire opening level of the game. You play as Dante himself, who finds his true love Beatrice has been murdered and her soul kidnapped by pesky old Lucifer.

There's nothing for it but to journey to the Gates of Hell and beyond, battling undead monstrosities, fighting unholy boss demons and having really serious words with DEATH HIMSELF.

Dante's Inferno will be released in Europe on 12th February for PS3, Xbox 360 and PSP. You can find all manner of related stuff over on the gamepage.

UPDATE: This story previously stated the PSN demo would be available on 10th December, but EA informs us that date only applies to the US. In Europe it's the 24th for both PSN and Live.