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Dante's Inferno getting co-op, toolset

In Trials of St. Lucia DLC this April.

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Dante's Inferno is out on Friday and Visceral Games is already blabbing about downloadable expansions.

On 29th April we'll be treated to Trials of St. Lucia, an add-on that introduces both online co-op and user created content.

Online co-op features St. Lucia herself as a playable character. She's Dante's guardian angel and is apparently regarded as a Christian martyr for plucking her eyes out rather than marrying her pagan suitor. That's what Visceral's Hans ten Cate and Jonathan Knight said in a video on YouTube, anyway.

User created content means making trials for your fellow players. You'll be able to select arenas, monsters and modes and stuff them into a challenging romp that can be downloaded by all from a central server.

They then rate the experience, placing you somewhere on a leaderboard. Scaling that, and collecting silver to spend on new toys to populate trials with, will provide a meta-game.

Our Dante's Inferno review will be with you very soon.

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