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Dante's Super Bowl ad censored

Not for gore or sexual imagery, though.

EA has splashed out on a TV advertising spot for Dante's Inferno during this Sunday's NFL Super Bowl, but has run into a problem with broadcaster CBS, according to the Hollywood Reporter.

It's not the dark tone, violence or disturbing monsters in the trailer that have upset CBS, however, and it doesn't feature any of the strong sexual imagery of the 18-rated game either. It's the fact that it ends with the words "Go To Hell", the game's marketing tagline.

EA will replace this with "Hell Awaits" and the commercial will still be broadcast during the popular match of the baffling American sport.

As well as prompting the second-largest day of the year for US food consumption after Thanksgiving, Wikipedia tells us, the Super Bowl is the year's most-watched television broadcast in the country, and so sought-after advertising spots come at a premium.

CBS has already decided to air a pro-life message from a group called Focus on the Family during the game, while rejecting an ad from a gay dating site.

Dante's Inferno is released on Friday for Xbox 360 and PS3. Look out for our review very shortly.