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Max Payne pushed to autumn 2010

Mafia II promised in "first half" of year.

Take-Two has pushed the released of Max Payne to the second half of 2010, sometime between the start of August and the end of October.

Payne's third outing had been promised earlier in the year.

Nevertheless, Take-Two's 2010 schedule is encouraging as BioShock 2 (9th February) and Red Dead: Redemption (30th April) are poised for release earlier next year.

The preliminary Q4 2009 earnings report (full digest expected later this month) also confirmed a "first half" 2010 launch for Mafia II.

Take-Two shares were down, however, and the company does not expect to achieve its goal of "profitability" this fiscal year nor next, reports the Associated Press.

Max Payne 3 will be developed in-house by Rockstar rather than by series creator Remedy, and leave New York for Sao Paolo, Brazil. Max is also older and bald, but still has Bullet Time to slow the action down to granddad pace. The game's in development for PC, PS3 and Xbox 360. There's plenty more information below.

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