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Christmas Quintet for Wii/DSi Online

Bellies! Gromblins! Starships! Notebooks!

Nintendo Claus has stuffed the online Wii and DSi stockings with nine new games.

WiiWare has two. One's called Eat! Fat! FIGHT! and is a sumo wrestling game that encourages over-eating. Tecmo's asking 1000 Wii (£7/€10) Points for it.

The other game is Moki Moki, a LocoRoco-like idea based on rolling Gromblins to safety by bending and stretching and engaging with the environment. Natsume's asking 800 Wii Points (approx. £5.40/€8) for it.

Over on Virtual Console is the original NES version of A Boy and His Blob: Trouble on Blobolonia (500 Wii Points - approx. £3.50/€5), and the TurboGrafx-16 version of Street Fighter II: Champion Edition (600 Wii Points - £4.20/€6).

DSiWare has five. Of note is Starship Patrol, a strategical affair that involves fitting out your ship with the right weaponry for the job. PixelJunk developer Q-Games is asking 500 DSi Points (approx. £4.50/€5) for it.

Gameloft's platformer Castle of Magic features a unique camera option whereby players can colour-match objects with anything they can find in their house. A successful match grants your hero a new costume power. Gameloft's asking 500 DSi Points (approx. £4.50/€5) for it.

Littlest Pet Shop, EA's pet petting simulation, is the last new game on DSiWare and costs 800 DSi Points (approx. £7/€8).

That leaves two new applications: A Little Bit of... Magic Made Fun: Psychic Camera that magically performs card tricks, and myNotebook: Green, a handy and pretty-looking notebook for drawing willies in. Both cost 200 DSi Points (approx. £1.80/€2) each.