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More DLC coming for Brütal Legend

More skins, weapons, maps and so on.

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A second batch of downloadable content is on the way for heavy metal-themed action game Brütal Legend.

Titled Hammer of Infinite Fate, it includes three new outfits - Mountain Man, Black Metal and Zaulia. You also get seven more back patches.

There will be four new paint jobs for The Deuce and four more upgrades. These include the Oculus of the Lost, a GPS system, and the Eye of Sorrow - a weapon which draws upon the Sea of Black Tears to launch black projectiles of doom at enemies. You also get The Disgorger and the Coiling Maw.

On top of all that there are nine new achievements and six more heads to buy and unlock including Rima, Razputin, Dadbat Hunter, Kage the Kannonier and the game's creator, Tim Schafer.

And finally there are for new multiplayer maps - the Altar of Blood, Coiled Remains, Crucible of the Titans and The Amplified Cliffs.

"I'm excited about the beard, of course, and the new achievements and trophies," said Tim Schafer. "But the thing I really can’t wait to get my hands on is that Oculus of the Lost. Using it to find the last Bound Serpent isn’t cheating, because it looks so cool on my car."

The Hammer of Infinite Fate will be released on 17th December, priced at 480 Microsoft Points (£2.04 / €2.88) on Xbox Live. A European PSN price has yet to be announced but you can expect it to be around the same.

Brütal Legend scored a healthy 8/10 from Eurogamer when it was released earlier this year - read our review for the full lowdown.

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