Brutal Legend


This year's BAFTA Fellowship award goes to...

La La Land! No, wait, it's Tim Schafer.

After more than three years Brütal Legend comes to PC

Pre-order on Steam to join the multiplayer beta now.

Feature | Tim Schafer on free-to-play, showing works in progress and Brutal Legend's misleading marketing

On Vivendi: "We'll never say RTS, ever. Even if someone asks us if it's an RTS we'll say no."

Feature | The Kickstarter Conundrum

Double Fine's success story could be one that's unlikely to be repeated.

Tim Schafer: publishers aren't evil

But indie community is moving away from PSN, XBLA.

Tim Schafer hits back at Bobby Kotick

"Sad it took him two months to think of a comeback."

Tim Schafer hires Ron Gilbert

To make a game for Double Fine.

Bobby Kotick slags off Tim Schafer

"Was late" and "missed every milestone".

Tim Schafer hates "arthouse" label

"We were trying to sell out!"

Activision responds to Tim Schafer

Bobby Kotick is "passionate" about games.

Feature | Double Fine's Tim Schafer

On Psychonauts, motion control and more.

Schafer calls Bobby Kotick "a total prick"

Wishes he would behave differently.

More DLC coming for Brütal Legend

More skins, weapons, maps and so on.

Schafer wants more Brutal Legend DLC

Hasn't looked at sales numbers.

Xbox 360 vs. PS3 Face-Off: Round 22

Tekken 6, DiRT 2, NFS SHIFT, Brutal Legend, Il-2 Sturmovik, Operation Flashpoint.

Brütal Legend DLC next week

Two MP maps in Tears of the Hextadon.

UK charts: FIFA 10 beats Uncharted 2

Brutal Legend appears. Full Top 40 inside.

Tim Schafer is 20 years old or something!

Designer celebrates getting job etc.

Brutal Legend demo now on Live

Wolfenstein sampler there too.

Brutal Legend demo in September

Enter the Age of Metal.

Brutal Legend multiplayer has RTS twist

Win fans, build stages, crush competition.

Brutal Legend

Shots from the multiplayer mode.

Brutal Legend release to go ahead in Oct

Activision and Double Fine reach settlement.

EA splashes nine games over the Expo

L4D2, NFS, Dragon Age, Brutal, more!

Activision likely to lose Brutal Legend case

Release will probably go ahead, says judge.

Live Brutal Legend interview

Tim Schafer answers your questions.

Live Brutal Legend Q&A today!

Tim Schafer on air from 4pm BST.

Tim Curry to appear in Brutal Legend

He's replacing rocker Ronnie James Dio.

E3: Ozzy Osbourne to star in Brutal Legend

Along with Lemmy and Lita Ford.

E3: Brutal Legend

Console shots

Schafer: Demoing games is like stand-up

Testing gags on gamers is key.

Execs wanted "country music" Brütal Legend

But Guitar Hero kept rock dream alive.

Feature | Double Fine's Tim Schafer

On fans, funnies and roadie love.

Brütal Legend out in October

EA delivering Schafer's latest.

Schafer: Fans worry too much about sales

Publishers like good games, apparently.

Brütal Legend

Schafer some for dessert.

Activision frisky about Brutal Legend?

Report: "Legal concerns" about EA deal.

Brütal Legend

Skulls! Rock! Axe! Chin!

EA to publish Brutal Legend in 2009

Tim Schafer's new game due in the autumn.

Feature | Double Fine's Tim Schafer

Brutal Legend, Jack Black and awesomeness.

Why Activision dumped Sierra's games

They weren't "exploitable enough".

Grim Fandango design doc now on net

"Look how much stuff we had to cut."

Ghostbusters, Brutal Legend still on track

With or without Activision Blizzard.

Exciting mini-game from Double Fine

Olympic Challenge. But funny. Obv.

Double Fine Christmas compo

Win unknown treasures!

Schafer too busy for XBLA

But he'd like to work on it.

No sequels from Schafer

He likes doing new things.