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Tim Schafer hits back at Bobby Kotick

"Sad it took him two months to think of a comeback."

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Brütal Legend creator Tim Schafer has hit back at this morning's scathing criticism from Activision Blizzard CEO Bobby Kotick.

Kotick criticised Schafer's ability to meet deadlines and labelled Brütal Legend a poor game in an interview with Edge.

The slur was a response to a Eurogamer interview from July in which the Double Fine boss called Kotick a "total prick".

That was the result of Activision's high-profile effort to prevent EA from releasing Brütal Legend, a game dropped by Kotick's company after it merged with Vivendi.

Speaking exclusively to Eurogamer, Schafer responded to Kotick, calling his comments "sad".

"It's sad is that instead of just insulting me personally, he goes after the product of my hard-working team - a group of people he almost put out of work a while back," Schafer said.

"But what's even sadder is that it took him two months to think of a comeback."

Schafer's just announced that old LucasArts pal Ron Gilbert has joined Double Fine to work on an unnanounced game.

Kotick, for his part, insists his comments are taken out of context by the vocal minority, and in fact loves games and the people who make them.

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