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Brutal Legend multiplayer has RTS twist

Win fans, build stages, crush competition.

Double Fine has drawn back the curtain on the four-player RTS multiplayer mode within upcoming action game Brutal Legend.

The idea will be to lead your band to glory, harvesting fan resources, erecting an enormous stage base and trampling the opposition. Each faction has a leader - hero Eddie Riggs, baddie Doviculus and Goth band Drowning Doom, according to Kotaku.

Those leaders sprout wings to enable quick-travel around the map. Leaders can link with units to perform special attacks, too.

Fans are won by successfully completing Guitar Hero-style mini-game solos, where notes play on a clef at the top of the screen from right to left. Press the wrong face-buttons, however, and the solo is over.

Stages (bases) cannot defend themselves, but leaders can garrison them and turn them into weapons which shoot light-rig lasers, knock enemies back with speaker-blasts and weaken attackers with dry-ice fog. Fans earned from geysers can heal the stage.

One map - Bleeding Coast - was shown at the multiplayer reveal, but seven maps will be offered in total.

There are pictures to illustrate all this in our Brutal Legend gallery.

Brutal Legend arrives for PS3 and Xbox 360 on 16th October.