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Schafer wants more Brutal Legend DLC

Hasn't looked at sales numbers.

In an interview with GamePro, Brutal Legend director Tim Schafer has said he intends to do more DLC for both sides of the game.

"We definitely want to do more DLC for both single-player and multiplayer, as well as some tuning patches," he said.

He was a little more evasive when quizzed on the game's sales and reception, both of which were lukewarm. He's "for the most part very happy" with players' and critics' response to the game, and says he hasn't looked at sales numbers yet.

"I don't look at those things for awhile; I like to give it time, you know? I think many people look too soon but a lot of games I've worked on have succeeded based on word of mouth... Definitely not till after Christmas."

Schafer also admitted to making Tim Curry repeat his part from the film, Legend, and exprtessed his regret at not getting Iron Maiden on the soundtrack. "I really wish we could have gotten Iron Maiden. We got all the big bands I loved in high school except Iron Maiden, and I never really understood why that was. They pretty much just turned us down."

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Brutal Legend

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