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Brütal Legend DLC next week

Two MP maps in Tears of the Hextadon.

EA and Double Fine have announced that they'll be releasing the first downloadable content for heavy metal adventure Brütal Legend next week.

Tears of the Hextadon offers two new multiplayer maps and will appear on Xbox Live next Tuesday, 3rd November, and on PSN the following Thursday, 5th November. It will cost Xbox owners 400 Microsoft Points (£3.40 / €4.80), but it will be free to PS3 owners until 19th November, after which it will cost £3.99.

The maps for the Stage Battle mode are called Circle of Tears and Death's Fjord. You also get a free axe named Blade of Ormagöden.

"I play Brütal Legend online every night," said creator Tim Schafer in the press release. "And I need more maps! Circle of Tears is named after the crying of my vanquished foes on the battlefield, and Death's Fjord is obviously a tribute to my Nordic ancestors, and their love of fan geysers and… Well, actually I just thought the name was cool. See you online!"

We really liked Brütal Legend, but not all of you think the same way. Are you with us or against us?

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Brutal Legend

PS3, Xbox 360, PC

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