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THQ outlines Darksiders pre-order deals

Costumes! Lady calendars! Weapons!

THQ has opted to run bespoke Darksiders: Wrath of War pre-order campaigns at a handful of retailers.

GAME will supply buyers with a code for in-game weapon The Harvester - a big scythe that reaps people - while Play has War (the hero) costumes for Xbox Live or PlayStation Home Avatars. They're nice, but not as novel as Amazon's horse-head hat for Avatars. And Gamestation packs a Darksiders comic book that's drawn by Joe Madureira.

None of those are as good as tits, though, which is why HMV has a Your Last Centrefold calendar to give away.

We've cobbled together pictures of all the pre-order gifts in our Darksiders: Wrath of War gallery.

Game's out 8th January on PS3 and Xbox 360. Head over to our recently written Darksiders hands-on for a face full of words.