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Stargate MMO sidelined for new shooter

Resistance new focus for struggling dev.

The Stargate MMO, Stargate Worlds, appears to have been sidelined in favour of a freshly-announced multiplayer shooter called Stargate Resistance, reports Massively.

Going by the Stargate Resistance website, the new game is a third-person shooter focused on online multiplayer, in which Stargate Command forces battle the Goa'uld System Lords for control of the galaxy. Each faction has three playable classes - Soldier, Commando and Scientist for the SGC; Goa'uld, Jaffa and Ash'rak assassin for the System Lords - and there will be a focus on team play.

Stargate Resistance is for PC only, and developer Cheyenne Mountain Entertainment and publisher FireSky - the same companies working on Worlds - say it's in the "polishing stage" and will be released as soon as the first quarter of 2010.

Asked what this means for Stargate Worlds, developer Ian Stock told Massively, "SGW will be worked on, but at a much lower rate compared to that of Resistance... That is until such a time when SGR has become comfortable financially (enough) to then begin ramping up SGW again."

The implication is that development of Worlds has been sidelined in favour of this smaller project, the proceeds from which can then be used to fund further development of the MMO. Cheyenne and FireSky have publicly been suffering from funding problems for over a year now.

"As well as building this new exciting product, paramount to Firesky's long-term future is restoring your confidence and trust in us," said creative consultant Chris Klug in an open letter on the Resistance website.

"While we've never lied to you about our circumstances, many times we were silent while our critics had their fun at our expense. We chose to remain quiet during those times, because, honestly, we often didn't know what our future was day-to-day, sometimes even hour-to-hour. As a group we chose to not say anything until we knew something."

He concluded: "I know you'll enjoy the fast-paced action Resistance has in store for you while we continue to work towards SGW’s release."