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Stargate Resistance ends in January

What would Kurt Russell say?

Online shooter Stargate Resistance will wave the white flag on 15th January 2011.

The move comes weeks after MGM stripped beleaguered creator Cheyenne Mountain Entertainment of the Stargate license.

The game is no longer for sale, reads a post on the official website.

So, you've got under 60 days left of game time.

Cheyenne Mountain's suffered a torrid time with its Stargate games. MMO Stargate Worlds was first announced way back in 2006 and was coming along nicely when Eurogamer's Keza MacDonald went hands-on with a preview build in 2008.

But in 2009 but development was put on the backburner while spin-off Stargate Resistance was fast-tracked. Even so, Cheyenne Mountain insisted that it was still working "towards SGW's release".

Cheyenne Mountain then filed for bankruptcy in March and sold Resistance on to Fresh Start Studios, who it subsequently sued, along with Dark Comet Games, for fraudulent use of its assets.

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