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Stargate Worlds funding woes continue

"We will not be able to provide any updates".

Things aren't looking too good for Stargate Worlds, the MMO based on the popular TV series and film. The chief executive of developer Cheyenne Mountain Entertainment has indicated that the company is in dire funding straits.

Approached by Massively after the game's website disappeared for a while, Timothy Jenson said, "our company has struggled in the current economic climate to raise the funding needed to successfully develop and publish our MMORPG.

"While there continues to be a lot of desire, enthusiasm and excitement about the project from our employees, investors and fans, we will not be able to provide any updates on the development of Stargate Worlds until sufficient funding is available."

Stargate Worlds' financial troubles first came to light late last year. "We have maintained a core of dedicated investors, but the new economic realities are forcing us to seek out additional sources of funding and that’s what we're doing," Cheyenne said in a statement responding to controversy over unpaid staff.

Earlier this year, Cheyenne also found itself facing a lawsuit for unpaid bills.

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