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Stargate MMO in full production

New details pop out.

Cheyenne Mountain has revealed that Stargate Worlds is now in full production and due for release sometime in 2008.

The PC MMO was announced at the end of 2005 as a joint development with series creators MGM Interactive, and new details have been leaking from this year's Game Developers Conference in San Francisco.

The action will take place in the period of time between season three and nine, and will obviously let you zip across the galaxy through the old and mysterious Stargates.

You'll be able to choose between "light and dark" sides, the good and evil sides from the television show. Your goodies will be Humans, Asgard and the freed Jaffa. Your baddies (boo, hiss), will be the Goa'uld, bad Jaffa still faithful to their evil overlords and nasty old humans.

From there on out it's a fairly typical MMORPG adventure, with crafting, levels, races and classes. Humans will be able to chose from the classic Stargate team line-up; soldier, commando, scientist or achaeologist, whilst others races will have to pick more culture-specific options.

Skills will branch across four areas, covering biology, physics, engineering and electronics, and you'll be able to increase and expand them as you become more powerful.

While it is all based on a levelling system, Cheyenne Mountain reckons you'll be able to chug your way up to the high echelons fairly quickly, before giving more focus to exploration or killing other players.

You'll be able to wander around the galaxy on your own, soloing until your heart's content, but bonuses to experience and squad-specific items will hopefully make the four-strong groups more desirable.

Your combat experience sounds like it's going to be tactical, but fast-paced, and Cheyenne Mountain's ultimate dream is to have Commands (guilds) battling it out all over the Stargate galaxy, which is said to be anywhere between 38 and 58 planets strong.

However, don't worry if all that isn't your cup of tea, because PvP will be restricted to specific gates, and even servers, in some cases.

Along with it being a successful MMORPG, Cheyenne Mountain's other big dream is to obviously recreate the world and storyline that has made Stargate SG-1 such a popular and long-running series.

It's working closely with MGM bigwigs who've granted access materials from the show, helping to add that layer of authenticity, as well as lending their hands to create a fresh and exciting adventure.

A storyline quest is going to be added, and Cheyenne is also already talking about its first expansion for the game, planned as Stargate-Atlantis.

More information is expected to surface from the summer 2007 conferences, which we imagine means E3 in July.

Head over to our Stargate Worlds gallery to see the latest screenshots for the game.

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