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Tomb Raider dev investigating multiplayer

Crystal Dynamics hiring risk takers.

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Image credit: Eurogamer

Tomb Raider maker Crystal Dynamics would like to employ a lead designer to "effectively create and lead the multiplayer vision and design effort" of an unannounced "AAA title".

What could it be - bearing in mind that the studio has worked on nothing but Lara Croft since 2003?

The job advert (spotted by Joystiq) asks for someone "willing to take risks" and to be familiar with PS3 and 360. Few other clues are given.

Crystal Dynamics laid off around 50 staff earlier this year to refocus efforts solely on Tomb Raider. The studio's next effort may well be an origin-story reboot, according to summertime leaks, which described a shipwrecked Lara whose soon off spelunking in mysterious underground tombs.

This rumoured Tomb Raider game will be the first published under the Square Enix Europe label, which was formed earlier this year when Eidos was acquired by Square Enix.

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