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Tomb Raider film and TV series reportedly in the works at Amazon

Fleabag's Phoebe Waller-Bridge attached.

It looks like Amazon is betting big on Tomb Raider.

Along with the recent news it will be working on and publishing the next Tomb Raider game, fresh reports state the company also has plans for both a film and TV series based on the globe-trotting and pistol-wielding Lara Croft.

Speaking to The Hollywood Reporter, sources state Phoebe Waller-Bridge, known for Fleabag and Killing Eve, is attached to write a Tomb Raider TV project, which is still in the "development stages". However, the actor does not plan to star in the adaptation.

Shadow of the Tomb Raider launch trailer.Watch on YouTube

Waller-Bridge will reportedly executive produce the show, alongside former head of comedy and drama Ryan Andolina and former head of overall deals Amanda Greenblatt.

Dmitri M. Johnson will also allegedly be part of this production via his company, dj2 Entertainment. If this name sounds familiar, Johnson has also expressed a desire to adapt games such as Life is Strange and Disco Elysium for Amazon.

In addition to this TV show, sources have told The Hollywood Reporter Johnson has entered into a deal with Amazon to make a Tomb Raider film.

For a bit of a recap, last year MGM lost the rights to the Tomb Raider films after the company was bought out by Amazon. At this time, insiders said this all meant the planned sequel to 2018's film was all but scrapped, with Alicia Vikander (who played Lara Croft) being removed from the project.

It was then claimed that any future Tomb Raider films would be a "complete reboot".

Reportedly, Amazon now wants to build a "connected world of Tomb Raider", something described by The Hollywood Reporter as "akin to what Marvel has already accomplished".

This deal between Johnson and the streaming service is allegedly "among the largest commitments at Amazon after Lord of the Rings."

Eurogamer has asked Amazon for further comment.

Alicia Vikander as Lara Croft in 2018's Tomb Raider film adaptation.

Meanwhile, Netflix is still set to release its Tomb Raider anime, with Hayley Atwell as Lara Croft. While all has been quiet on this front for a long, long time, showrunner Tasha Huo assured fans over the weekend that the anime was still coming.

"Animation takes a long time, y'all, but the wait will be worth it."

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