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Just Cause 2 pre-order goodies detailed

Map! Guns! Car! That sort of thing!

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Square Enix Eidos Taito And Friends has announced that people who pre-order Just Cause 2 will be rewarded with various bonus treats, including a foldout map of the island of Panau where the game is set.

Pre-order details can be found on the official website.

The foldout map and goodies are pictured below too. The goodies comprise the Black Market Chaos Pack, which is described as "downloadable", so you probably get a redeemable code with the game.

What's in the pack? Stuff! There's the Agency Hovercraft (go anywhere, with turret-mounted grenade launcher), Rico's Signature Gun (sexy pistol), the Bull's Eye Assault Rifle (lighter and more accurate than other assault rifles, with higher-magnification scope), the Chevalier Classic (awesome car), and the Chaos Parachute (a parachute with a skull on it, obviously).

Just Cause 2 is due out for PC, PS3 and Xbox 360 on 26th March. It's a mentalist openworld shooter where you can use a double-ended grapple hook to attach enemies to aeroplanes and stuff. Check out our recent hands-on for more information and look out for a few more details very soon.

This stuff.

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