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Game of the Week: Tears of the Kingdom summons the wild spirit of Just Cause 2


On the surface, I don't think there's much in Zelda in general that makes one think of Just Cause 2. But this week, the latest presentation for Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom took me way, way back - twelve years back, which barely seems possible - to a game that I still think is a bit of a classic.

Tears of the Kingdom had already been revealed before this week, of course. It feels, what with delays and hype and all that jazz, like we've been waiting for it forever. But I hadn't really been paying attention - not full attention anyway. In my head it was a spooky Halloween follow-up to Breath of the Wild, but with a bit of skymindedness thrown in with all those floating islands. So Zelda maths was basically Breath of the Wild + Majora's Mask + Skyward Sword?

Now I see how wrong I was. Because you can fuse stuff in Tears of the Kingdom. You can take one object and bodge it onto another. So you can add a boulder to a stick. You can add a fork to a longer stick and have a weapon with real reach. It's beautifully modular too, so if you stick an eyeball on an arrow, it becomes a target-seeking arrow, because the arrow can see!

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