Just Cause 2


PlayStation Store Summer Sale starts today

But what about the British summer?

All signs point to Just Cause 3 in 2015

UPDATE: Square Enix calls domain registration "routine IP management activity.”

It's the last day of the Steam Sale

"And we've brought back the most popular deals."

Avalanche gives Just Cause 2 multiplayer mod its blessing

"Too early" to talk about Just Cause 3.

Just Cause 2 multiplayer mod coming to Steam

UPDATE: release date revealed.

Feature | The next-generation will be open-world

Ubisoft and more on connected freedom.

Feature | After Xbox One U-turn pre-owned is back on the table - but at what cost?

Mixed opinions on the complex issue of second-hand sales.

First images of Just Cause 3 teased - rumour

Either that or Mad Max, anyway.

Avalanche: Just Cause 2 multiplayer mod means series has "even brighter" future

Studio sets its sights on becoming best open world developer.

Just Cause 2 mod allows 600 person multiplayer

Exuberant gameplay footage within.

Just Cause 2 still going strong as dev questions value of "crap" DLC and forced multiplayer

"DLC is not needed to keep players engaged if the game is well executed."

Just Cause dev working with Square Enix on "ground breaking" open world action game

Just Cause 3? Plus, Avalanche confirms work on movie and comic book licenses.

Avalanche: Just Cause "perfect" for next Xbox, PS4

Swedish developer goes on hiring spree for 2013 and 2014 games.

Feature | Proteus Preview: A Musical Odyssey

In a beautiful place out in the country.

The Just Cause movie is called Just Cause: Scorpion Rising

Hollywood Reporter claims Just Cause 3 is in development.

Avalanche scotches Just Cause 3 rumour

"We're not releasing any game in 2012."

Just Cause 3 in development - report

Sources claim it'll be out next year.

Just Cause dev prepping new next-gen IP

New US office working for 2014 launch.

Avalanche keen on Just Cause 3

Two "huge" licensed games due in 2013.

Just Cause dev to reveal next game soon

Announcement a month or so away.

Just Cause movie is an origin story

Has Rico's grappling hook/parachute combo.

Just Cause film rights optioned

Scriptwriter already on board.

Free WMD rickshaw for Just Cause 2

Pre-order goodies now available too.

Just Cause 2 DLC out today

Called Black Market Boom.

Video | Black market treats in Just Cause 2 DLC

New goodies from under the counter.

Just Cause 2 DLC this month and next

Two packs add planes and weapons.

DLC for BioShock 2, Just Cause 2 dated

Plus: Shrek! XBLA titles! Game Room stuff!

UK charts: Just Cause 2 takes the lead

Beats Pokemon. Red Steel 2 struggles.

Feature | Just Cause 2

Eurogamer readers quiz game director Magnus Nedfors. Just cause.

Just Cause 2 to get "a lot" of DLC

"We're going to have some fun," says dev.

Avalanche working on new game

And already speculating about Just Cause 3.

Just Cause 2

Stuck on you.

Digital Foundry | Just Cause 2 performance showdown

The demo put through its considerable paces on PS3 and Xbox 360.

Just Cause 2 demo dated, detailed

"35 square miles" of sandbox.

Just Cause 2 will not support Windows XP

"Written to take advantage of DirectX 10".

Just Cause 2

Grapple pie.

Just Cause 2

It's Rico time.

Just Cause 2 pre-order goodies detailed

Map! Guns! Car! That sort of thing!

Just Cause 2 out in late March

Square Enix grapples with dates.

Just Cause 2

High-flying grapple action in pictures.

PS3 Just Cause 2 to have extra feature

Video capturing option, to be specific.

Just Cause 2

Chaos theory.

Video | Exclusive: Just Cause 2 - Grappling

Grappling your way to the top.

Kane & Lynch film to star Bruce Willis

Just Cause adaptation also on track.

Livingstone sees "no room for mediocrity"

"Roast duck or no dinner" for Eidos this year.

Feature | Just Cause 2

Tropic thunder.

E3: Just Cause 2

Total Rico.

Just Cause 2

Just Cause we can.

Feature | Just Cause 2

Here and Panau.

Just Cause 2 coming in Q3 2009

Lead designer doing things properly.

Avalanche prepares to lay off 77 staff

Just Cause sequel unaffected.

Eidos unveils E3 line-up

Tomb Raider! Just Cause 2! etc.

No multiplayer for Just Cause 2

Future inclusion possible.

Just Cause 2

Only on new hardware. Textures rejoice.

New Just Cause 2 details emerge

Eidos unveils less flabby sequel.

Battlestations sequel planned

Interim results spill beans.

Just Cause sequel confirmed

Along with other Eidos faves.