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Just Cause 2

Eurogamer readers quiz game director Magnus Nedfors. Just cause.

Yesterday we asked whether you had any questions for Just Cause 2 game director Magnus Nedfors. It turns out you did, so we asked them, and with the game out today it seems logical to present you the answers. Nedfors talks about fans nearly making him cry, downloadable content, patches and just about everything else you lot could think up to quiz him about. Don't forget Eurogamer's Just Cause 2 review while you're at it.

EurogamerHello Magnus and welcome to our reader interview! Let's get straight to the point. Fresh191 asks whether he should pick up the Xbox 360 version of the PS3 game?
Magnus Nedfors

Well, er, that's a tough question! I don't know what platforms he owns! I'm a PS3 fanboy and the game plays really well on PS3. It's a matter of personal taste more than anything else - the game is equal on all three platforms.

EurogamerOne thing that's different between the two, as shikz pointed out, is that PS3 owners can capture and upload to YouTube. Xbox 360 can't. Will they ever?
Magnus Nedfors

That's a question you need to ask Microsoft. It's a feature that Sony helped us out on. That's why we have it only on PS3.

EurogamerCaptainFantasm loved the "Lost" Easter egg and wondered what made you guys do it?
Magnus Nedfors

Ha ha. In a world as big as Just Cause 2's, it's always fun to put some small surprises in there, both for ourselves as developers and to you doing a thorough job exploring. You should have some fun stuff to find that's not in the guide books.

EurogamerTheBlackBandit wants to know whether you intended the game to be as silly as it is.
Magnus Nedfors

Ha! If you mean silly in a good way, then yes! We don't take ourselves or our game too seriously. We want to have a wicked sense of fun and underlying humour or satire. We don't shy away from crazy things that can happen in the game. It's definitely intended, and I'm pleased how it turned out - even when it's over the top.

EurogamerTheBlackBandit also wonders how much room you intentionally put aside for people to mess around outside of the main missions, and whether you expected so many to be possible?
Magnus Nedfors

That was one of the goals - that we wanted to be true to sandbox games. Our hope has been that players would do things we haven't thought of. What I've seen on YouTube now I've not seen anyone do in the studio, so the tools and world are working in a good way. Creating possibilities for players was certainly an intention of ours.

EurogamerAnother chap, DarthOps, was concerned about running out of ammo a lot during the demo...
Magnus Nedfors

We tried to adjust the amount of ammo in different ways like using difficulty levels. I think of them as play styles. If you play on hardcore, then the more important each bullet becomes. If you're a run-and-gun guy and prefer not to use the various other options then you should pick an easier mode. You can also buy more ammunition from the Black Market.

EurogamerApolloscollapse believes games are a common scapegoat for all that is wrong with the world. Are you worried about offending anyone with the stereotypes evident in Just Cause 2?
Magnus Nedfors

We're not afraid. It comes back to the silliness - we don't take anything very seriously, and if somebody's offended then I'm sorry, it's not our intention. It is stereotyped, I can agree with that, but we don't have any political agenda going on.

EurogamerGlaeken, obviously impressed with the Just Cause 2 engine, wants to know if you've considered licensing your technology out?
Magnus Nedfors

The easy answer is no - we're not licensing it to anyone else. It's part of our advantage in the games industry that we have a very powerful engine, and we want to use it by ourselves. If we wanted to make a game engine and sell it, we'd need the whole company to change its business model. Our business model is to make games.

EurogamerThe next person, Madafunkola, would love to wreck Panau with his friends. Will there be any DLC to allow co-op destruction? He'd pay for some of that "tomfoolery", apparently.
Magnus Nedfors

There is no current plan for DLC allowing co-op gameplay. I'm sorry. We opted from the beginning to make a single-player game. Adding multiplayer would have meant limits on what we could achieve.

I personally - not the company - think single-player games are great fun and there is an audience for that. A game can be good without multiplayer support.

Somewhere in the future it would be really fun to do a Just Cause multiplayer game, and we've had lots of good ideas for it.

EurogamerFor the moment there's no focus on co-op, then - and it sounds like Just Cause 2 isn't ever likely to get it?
Magnus Nedfors

Yeah, I would say this as well.

EurogamerUnsurprisingly there are a lot of questions about DLC. SubaruGaz asks whether having such a large body of water means we'll get underwater missions, perhaps on submarines?
Magnus Nedfors

Ha ha. I'm really, really sorry when I hear you say there's so many questions about DLC, because I have a small restriction on me that I can't reveal anything about what's planned. I'm really sorry to say this because I've understood from other interviews that people are really interested and want more, but unfortunately you have to turn to Square Enix and ask them.

EurogamerI've been told before that there are plans for DLC.
Magnus Nedfors

Yeah - I can say that much without them coming after me! The game supports DLC, the engine.

EurogamerThere's a fellow by the name of dsmx who's keen to find out whether there will be mod tools ever released for PC.
Magnus Nedfors

The same as licensing out our engine: no, we don't have plans for that as a company. It might happen in the future but again, it's unlikely.