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Avalanche: Just Cause "perfect" for next Xbox, PS4

Swedish developer goes on hiring spree for 2013 and 2014 games.

Swedish developer Avalanche Studios has told Eurogamer Just Cause is "perfect" for the next Xbox and PlayStation 4.

The third game in the open world action series is rumoured to be one of Avalanche's in development games set for release in 2013 or 2014. If Just Cause 3 is a next-gen game, based on when we expect the next Xbox and PS4 to launch (in time for Christmas 2013), it could be a launch title.

"There is a very strong emotional attachment to the franchise as it was created by me and my design team here so we would obviously like to see a very bright future for Just Cause," Avalanche boss Christofer Sundberg told Eurogamer this afternoon.

"In this day and age when everyone is struggling to make money, my opinion is that the JC IP is perfect for everything that next-gen has to offer."

Avalanche has multiple projects on the go across its various studios. It's just announced a major recruitment drive aimed at expanding its studio operations in Stockholm and New York for work on current and next-gen console games. At least one of these titles will be announced before E3 in June.

Sundberg added: "As we've said before they are two pretty damn cool and big licenses which we have chosen to work on just because they allow us to create two new open-world/sandbox experiences in worlds where we've seen a lack of features that Avalanche Studios has to offer."

That Avalanche would embark on a third Just Cause game should come as no surprise. The second instalment was widely acclaimed, and recieved 8/10 in Eurogamer's Just Cause 2 review.

But Avalanche isn't a one-trick pony, and has since released tip-top twin-stick shooter Renegade Ops.