Just Cause

All signs point to Just Cause 3 in 2015

UPDATE: Square Enix calls domain registration "routine IP management activity.”

UPDATE: 5.17pm: Just Cause publisher Square Enix has issued us the following statement regarding the Just Cause 3 domain registration:

Just Cause 3 in development - report

Sources claim it'll be out next year.

Work on a third installment in Avalanche Studios' Just Cause series is underway, with the finished game due out some time next year, so says Xbox World magazine sources.

FeatureUK Charts: Return of the Jedi

Lego Star Wars still on top.

Sales of Lego Star Wars II: The Original Trilogy may have dropped by 49 per cent, but the cute sci-fi makeover continues to hold the number one spot in the Chart Track All Formats Chart for the second week.

Just Cause

Just Cause

Unfinished sympathy.

Sometimes things just promise to be awful lot better than they turn out. Take Lost, for example. It has all the ingredients to become the best TV show ever made, and certainly starts off that way. With a great premise and solid cast, it has hints of greatness throughout, yet somehow the writers keep conspiring to screw it up by endlessly padding things out, changing their minds and stringing us along into believing that something mind blowing is going to happen any time soon - just tune in next week to find out. Or not. Whether it's blind optimism or the lack of anything better to watch that keeps you going whenever the show enters its periodic phases of losing the plot, it's hard to say. But by the end of season two, you'll wonder where your life went, and how long they can keep this drip feed water torture farce going before we all find something better to watch.

You go through similar peaks and troughs playing Just Cause. It starts off like it's going to be the be one of the most insanely brilliant action games ever made, as if the spirit of James Bond had been injected into an awesomely ambitious openworld adventure. But somewhere down the line developers Avalanche either ran out of time, or just ran out of inspiration to make the whole thing click the way it should have. Either way, you're subjected to some truly brilliant ideas that quickly become drowned out by some of the most pointless padding in a videogame ever seen. By the end of the 59th identical side quest, you'll question your own sanity.

Nevertheless, with ambition aplenty, Just Cause grabs hold of you immediately; it's a joyous manic pop thrill videogame with the bare-faced audacity to start the game by chucking you out of a moving aircraft and leaving you to get on with it. You first act in the game is to decide whether to pull the ripcord and casually parachute to safety, or plummet amusingly to your doom. If the former is your chosen course of action, you can either sail merrily to safety, or come to the realisation that shortly before impact that you can actually 'surf' on the top of any passing vehicle, pull out the driver and commandeer it. Excellent start.

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Just Cause demo on 360/PC

See how island living suits.

A playable demo of Avalance and Eidos' Just Cause has parachuted onto both Xbox Live and, er, the PC. Internet. Thing.

FeatureJust Cause

Para trippin'.

Just Cause is the kind of game that makes even James Bond's more improbable antics look positively sane. Rather like our favourite cocktail-shaking military spy, the game's hero, Rico, comes equipped with all sorts of high-tech gadgets, can fire all manner of stupidly powerful weapons - but with sillier hair. But it all goes a bit crazy, as you soon find out.

Just Cause demo soon

On PC and 360.

Avalanche Studios has revealed that it plans to release PC and Xbox 360 demos of its upcoming action title Just Cause on August 24th.

Just Cause announced

Just Cause announced

Current-gen consoles and PC.

What with all the excitement surrounding the next-generation consoles flying about, it's good to know that the current-gen - or olden-days consoles, as they'll soon be known - haven't been completely forgotten just yet.

At least not by Eidos, which has just revealed the first details of Just Cause for PS2, PC and Xbox. Screenshots are available here.

The game sees you taking the role of undercover CIA agent Rico Rodriguez, who's on a mission to overthrow the corrupt government of San Esperito, a rogue South American island.

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