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Kane & Lynch film to star Bruce Willis

Just Cause adaptation also on track.

The producer of the Kane & Lynch movie has confirmed Bruce Willis will take a starring role.

According to Adrian Askarieh, speaking to Game Daily, Willis will play the first-half of the dynamic duo. The role of Lynch is yet to be cast.

"The script has been incredibly well-received around town," said Askarieh. "After Bruce Willis read it, he called it one of the best action scripts he's ever read, and Bruce is an expert in terms of action scripts because he's read everything over the last 20 years."

So what's it about? "Well, it's going to have the basic premise. But the details for the movie are going to be different. It's not going to have every sequence from the game, but it's essentially the story of a mercenary teaming up with a schizophrenic psychopath to save his wife and daughter." Wasn't that the plot of last week's Archers?

Kane & Lynch is due to start shooting in March. Locations are yet to be confirmed, but Askarieh's thinking "South America, Europe and possibly Louisiana". The director will be Simon Crane. He was second unit director on Tomb Raider and Troy, amongst other blockbusters.

Askarieh has much experience of this kind of thing, having previously produced the rubbish but high-grossing Hitman movie. He is also working on the big screen adaptation of Just Cause, another Eidos product.

"Just Cause is a great action-adventure spy movie, which is a totally different motif than Hitman," he observed.

"Hitman is a great assassin movie, Kane and Lynch is a great buddy action movie. So all these are first-and-foremost good movie ideas, then videogames."

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